Objections and Frequently Asked Questions Regarding FlowTeams

Objections and Questions Concealed or Underlying Intent of Objections Answers, Considerations, Comments of People Who Have Had a FlowTeam Experience
"Never change a winning Team" We would like to maintain our success as it is and we don't want to risk anything. It is easier to make teams truly aware of their 'success patterns' while they are still functioning. It takes less effort to prepare great teams for increased challenges in the future when they are in 'good moments' rather than in a crisis.
Yet again, here is one of those supposedly "new" management recipes! We do not have time for trendy ideas. We want results! You are right to be skeptical. Most management methods are only concerned with partial aspects (e.g. Management by Objectives). FlowTeams consider and respect the whole spectrum of the relevant aspects for the team's situation. The whole system, including ' the surrounding field', is optimized.
We already know all about vision, culture, system thinking, and all these types of concepts. We were always open for new ideas, but hardly any of them were genuinely useful to us. 'Systemic', 'holistic', 'interconnected' many people can't bare to hear these terms anymore. Appropriately so. Talking about them does not help a great deal. The specific characteristic of Flow is to reinforce the already existing, successful aspects of self-organization!
It is not clear what "Flow" is all about. Is there group pressure? Talent profiles? What are they? We are to some extent interested, but don't yet see the advantages. You will discover gradually what FlowTeam co-operation means for your team. Yet even during the first day of the FlowTeam Design meeting (e.g. with the very first topic 'start of a meetings') the participants will be surprised to find out how efficient self-organization and "collective intelligence" can be and how satisfying it is.
Will "the skeletons in the closet" come out during FlowTeam co-operation? We don't want to waste our energy unproductively. That 'skeletons in the closet' can come out is a hope for some and a fear for others. Flow team co-operation can also deal with secrets and live with them. ('Connection management')
Do I lose my status as a boss? Am I responsible for the uncontrollable events? We are afraid that the process will fall into chaos. In a FlowTeam responsibilities (team functions) are distributed through self-organization. This produces a state of high security for everybody involved. Now the boss can take care of the really important things. This is more challenging and opens up new possibilities for his development.
Will Flow force some sort of dogma upon us? We don't want to be "indoctrinated". Flow team co-operation is quite the opposite of such 'movements'. Each flow team creates and develops their own unique co-operation concepts!


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