The daughter of a FlowTeam-Animator wrote the following essay at school:

"Modern science and philosophy have caught up with each other because Mr. Prigogine, a chemistry professor with snow-white hair in Brussels, has discovered self-organization. However, as my father said, philosophers have already known about this for a long time. They have been writing books about this subject for more than 1000 years. They recommended things like 'respect each other'. But nobody understood what they meant very well. Thanks to Mr. Prigogine and the people in the flow laboratory it is now easier and simpler to understand. Therefore flow teams can be made. This is what my father explains to people in business so everybody can become their own flow team and create their own specific rules of collaboration. In a booklet, which they produce themselves, they describe and visualize how they are going to work together so that self-organization flows through them beautifully. Only then they become a real flow team. This is very useful because now they can work together much better. Even if they do not have always the same opinion, they help each other, so that everything can be done quite well. The Boss finally has more time to deal with the really important things. That's what I heard him say when I was there one time. People in a flow team are more happy and earn also more money. They give a part of the money to my father because he taught them this method."

This young lady is a quite talented writer and obviously has observed things very carefully and understood exactly some key aspects of a FlowTeam Design process. Her father (and we, of course) are very happy about and proud of this unusual 'reference letter '.


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