From conventional meetings to effectivity and efficiency through FlowTeam-Meetings
Unfortunately conventional teamwork uses resources - time, knowledge, energy, creativity - inefficiently. People talk around a conference table for hours, often with little or no results to show by the end of the day. Both participants and facilitators increasingly doubt the effectiveness of such events. FlowTeam-Cooperation enables teams to produce much better results.
Linear Linear Parallel Parallel
Standard procedures Standard procedures Customer orientation Customer orientation
Judgments Judgments Development Development
Talking about it Talking about it CoCreate someTHING CoCreate someTHING
Confrontation Confrontation Cooperation Cooperation
Functions Functions Talents Talents
Talk in circles Talk in circles All participants are active All participants are active
Quantity of information Quantity of information Quality of information Quality of information
Looking for scapegoats Looking for scapegoats Understand processes Understand processes
Rigid decision-making structures Rigid decision-making structures Situational decision-making processes Situational decision-making processes
One-way communication One-way communication Intergrative communication Intergrative communication
Analyse and correct mistakes Analyse and correct mistakes Consciously apply success concepts Consciously apply success concepts

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