FlowTeam-Cooperation - Executive Summary

The rules in the game of commerce have changed!

Do you envision your organisation leading the way into the 21st century? Or will you be like raw material for a series of Dilbert comic strips?

FlowTeam-Design / Teambuilding has the tools that will enable you to…

  1. Identify and eliminate systemic barriers to success
  2. Clarify your corporate vision and achieve your business objectives
  3. Unleash the collective intelligence of teams to access your most potent resources
  4. Cultivate self-responsibility in a productive, energised environment
The FlowTeam-method is a set of tools for unleashing the collective intelligence of a work team. This approach enhances group productivity, innovation and problem-solving via efficient, fun teamwork and extraordinarily high morale.

In Flow Teambuilding, peak performance is realised through applying the success principles of life derived from complexity studies in systems science. This is done initially with the support of experienced coaches and later by the work organisation alone in a self-sufficient manner.

FlowTeam-Design / Teambuilding is different from anything you've experienced before; it is an immensely practical approach. During your FlowTeam building launch, we will show you the how-to's. Using simple, effective tools and thinking models. Moving away from the psychological and organisational development methods of the past.

Experience is key to learning Flow. It is difficult to describe the process in words. The following table summarised how our approach differs from teambuilding-as-usual.



  1. We focus on real business problems-not on hypothetical examples or case studies.
  2. We give teams practical methods and support for meeting their challenges and conducting business more efficiently and productively. The 'prototype' methods can be implemented upon return to the work place and then progressively improved.
  3. We use techniques of parallel processing to accomplish a great deal of work in a short period of time while using speed presentation techniques to quickly share information and allow everyone else to be informed and have input.
  4. As a result of item 3, we can work with large groups quite productively. We often work with about 70 people in a three-day session. We've worked successfully groups of up to 120 at a time; but we prefer to keep the group size to 25-50 people when this is practical.
  5. We recognise that enhanced morale comes from success, not the other way around. That is, improved morale is a by-product of a team becoming more effective, open and productive in confronting its challenges.
  6. We do not focus on emotional or psychological issues. Rather, we show teams how to identify and act upon leverage areas in their own business and markets. This means focusing on practical steps toward success.
  7. We use metaphors from biology and physics, and apply systems science in a comprehensible way. Although theoretical mathematics is the common 'language of complexity scientists, we illustrate principles of life with intuitively clear examples from everyday life. These promote creative, innovative ways of thinking about common problems.
  8. We illustrate and make sense of the common barriers to teamwork . Many of which come from the counterproductive effects of commonly accepted business practices. We then show teams how to identify and reduce these barriers. The Flow techniques provide 'how-to' steps that are useful for virtually any group activity: From meetings to decision-making, from conflict resolution to customer satisfaction, from internal reorganisation to market shifts, from competitive pressure to the challenges of change. This results in teams becoming increasingly able to resolve the core, underlying causes of problems rather than simply addressing superficial symptoms.
  1. An initial group presentation to communicate our approach and spell out the features of our program This allows everyone to hear the overview in the same place and at the same time-with any questions asked and answered for all.
  2. Confidential, individual interviews with all participants (& other key people) so that we can better understand team issues. This also allows us to gain perspective on team barriers and understand special business challenges. By doing so, we can customise our approach to bring the greatest gains in the shortest time. (By using two teams of interviewers, we are able to speak individually with up to 15 people per day for an hour each. This means that we can meet with 75 people in a single week.)
  3. 3-day (or 2.5-day) Flow Teambuilding launch. This is usually held in an off-site location, often with over-night lodging for all who wish to remain on-site. In this launch, the team focuses on three primary areas: Acquiring new ways of thinking, reducing barriers to teamwork, and learning brilliant-yet-simple tools that are applied to solving real business challenges in the session itself. This eliminates the 'transfer problem' in teambuilding: With the FlowTeam-method, 'great meetings' produce rapid changes in the work place and sustained high morale. Because the FlowTeam-method is based on the success principles of life, they work for every business and in every industry. We have worked with a wide range of companies in industries ranging from health care to high technology…from financial services to manufacturing…from the service sector to public utilities. Allow us to navigate you toward extraordinary leadership. Ensuring that your company's rate of change consistently exceeds the rate of change in your overall marketplace. You will work with current business issues and respond to your own commercial challenges as you experience the unfolding of a remarkable system.
Accept the challenge. Flow will support your organisation in having fun while being:
  • Dynamic, creative, innovative, productive and efficient
  • Able to use leverage areas that propel you forward
  • Energised, with a common vision and clear business goals
  • Consistently in the top tier of your marketplace

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